WebPager supports and even enhances different LabVIEW themes

Apply LabVIEW themes (modern, silver, classic - you name it) to the front panel and look at what happens on the web page!
With WebPager you can use many of controls and indicators from any palette, for example "modern" or "silver". WebPager will determine which one you chose for which element and display these elements in the web page with themes (or in old terminology 'styles') applied. We are working on bringing one-to-one correspondence for every single control and indicator. When we achieve this goal, the version of the WebPager will turn a proud 1.0. However, if you want your local LabVIEW interface to look differently from corresponding web page, you can override themes of controls and indicators by using styles. By styles we mean the same styles used on web pages - Cascading Sheet Styles (CSS). So, if you're experienced UI/UX engineer, with WebPager you can use your knowledge of web technologies you already have.
One more important feature in WebPager is custom theming. 'Silver' theme introduced in LabVIEW 2011 has already gained popularity showing importance of UI presentation in LabVIEW applications. So, opening up a web new world for LabVIEW front panels we decided to create new themes. Currently we're developing 'Clarity' LabVIEW theme. You can enjoy this touch of awesomeness below. But don't forget - what you see is a LabVIEW front panel. Please get used to it.