WebPager prices
WebPager Prices
WebPager is certified by NI

1 WebPager credit = $1

* Deployment Licenses for LAN can't be purchased without at least one development license.

One license can be installed and used on one computer.

Initial support and consulting for the prototyping is free.

If you need any other information concerning prices and licenses, please don't hesitate to contact us at info@vfpsoft.com.

WebPager online shop

Important! In order for you payment to be processed automatically (i.e. fast both for you and for us) you have to register WebPager account first if you haven't done it before.
When registration is complete (you confirmed your email address by clicking a link in a letter we send you) you should try loging in to WebPager from LabVIEW environment (Tools >> WebPager). If you succeeded then WebPager is ready to start working with your account.

Very Important! In order for you payment to be processed at all, you must provide the same email in your payment that you used to register your account at WebPager. For example, if you registered 'user@example.com' as your WebPager account email, you must use the same email when PayPal or bank asks you to provide your email. We use your email as unique identifier, so any other email is a different user for WebPager.

999 WebPager credits - 1 Development License.

799 WebPager credits - 10 Deployment Licenses.

You can pay with your credit card via PayPal if you want. For this you don't need to have PayPal account. When you click on "Buy Now" button, just choose the method you prefer. After successful payment you'll be able to inspect your account details from the 'Account' tab directly in WebPager in a few minutes.

We advise that PayPal method should be used for micropayments only. One should buy Normal yearly plans by bank transfer whenever possible. Please contact us to discuss further details and payment methods.