WebPager puts LabVIEW front panels in the browser

Deploy LabVIEW applications on-line with little to no fuss
WebPager at first glance is somewhat similar to Remote Panels. It allows accessing LabVIEW front panel from a browser without any modifications in the LabVIEW block diagram. But unlike Remote Panels, WebPager puts front panel into the web-page as a pure HTML interface - no browser plugins, no LabVIEW Run-time Engine. Only standard web-technologies - HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript. WebPager maintains quasi real-time control over front panel via Internet from any browser-enabled device and operating system - Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPad, etc. Moreover, WebPager also provides API for programmatic access of its functionality. WebPager is suitable for all types of developers. First, it can be used for putting LabVIEW application online in one click via Wizard - without any modifications in the LabVIEW source code. Second, it can be used in a more flexible ways by programmatically controlling WebPager (and not using Wizard). And third, WebPager can be used for merging LabVIEW front panel and external HTML code together for those with a good knowledge of web technologies, thus allowing having user interfaces and effects that are impossible to achieve on LabVIEW front panel itself.

WebPager demo on homepage
WebPager demo on homepage
Latest News
01.01.2017 - A new version (0.64.4) is released. Installation and launch are much simpler now. WebPager consumes less resources, it's faster and cheaper now (and don't forget about money back guarantee). WebPager dropped its wizard interface leaving API only. Complex dependencies are gone, deployment chain shortened significantly. Account VIs are dropped, now you don't need to bother. You'll need only license keys and that's it. New way of handling events is in place.
06.01.2015 - A new version (0.61.3) is released. Now WebPager has the same installer for all LabVIEW versions. Also, more control over ports is added. WebPager can be configured via configuration file before launch.
System tray menu is added.
20.08.2014 - A new version (0.61.2) is released. Unlimited free trial period for local networks (LAN) is added. Also, WebPager can scan and find available ports and notifies about new connected users via custom events.
14.07.2014 - A new version (0.61.1) is released. Now WebPager supports uploading the front panel to the Internet or the Intranet (local network, LAN). If you buy both licenses, then one can control the same LabVIEW front panel(s) from the remote computer and a computer in a local network at the same time.
24.09.2013 - WebPager was presented at the International conference on remote labs (ExpAT'13) and received very positive feedback. Also WebPager is now a certified by National Instruments product, you'll be able to find it on the NI Tools Network.
21.05.2013 - WebPager used by National Instruments for broadcasting LabVIEW programming competition to hundreds of participants. During the first day of the competition we were in trouble, but during the second day everything worked as a charm. Conclusion: always practise thorough testing during new feature or version (and in our particular case it was product) release.
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"WebPager provided us with a cross-platform and real-time way of sharing one LabVIEW front panel with hundreds of simultaneous users... It's amazing!"
Alexey Burmatov (National Instruments)