WebPager LabVIEW Library

Owning Palette: Data Communication

Requires: Base Package, WebPager

Platform(s): Windows

WebPager at first glance is somewhat similar to Remote Panels. It allows accessing LabVIEW front panel from a browser without any modifications in the LabVIEW block diagram. But unlike Remote Panels, WebPager puts front panel into the web-page as a pure HTML interface - no browser plugins, no LabVIEW Run-time Engine. Only standard web-technologies - HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript. WebPager maintains quasi real-time control over front panel via Internet from any browser-enabled device and operating system - Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPad, etc. Moreover, WebPager also provides API for programmatic access of its functionality. WebPager is suitable for all types of developers. First, it can be used for putting LabVIEW application online in one click via Wizard - without any modifications in the LabVIEW source code. Second, it can be used in a more flexible ways by programmatically controlling WebPager (and not using Wizard). And third, WebPager can be used for merging LabVIEW front panel and external HTML code together for those with a good knowledge of web technologies, thus allowing having user interfaces and effects that are impossible to achieve on LabVIEW front panel itself.

On-line source of all WebPager related information is at WebPager web site.

Getting Started Guides  

How to register WebPager account

How to download WebPager

How to install WebPager

How to use WebPager for free in Evaluation (Trial) mode

How to use Publishing Wizard

How to control WebPager programmatically (through API)

Documentation for intermediate and advanced usage  

WebPager Troubleshooting Guide (PDF)

WebPager Wizard (PDF)

WebPager API (PDF)

WebPager Supported UI Elements (PDF)

WebPager Programmer's Guide (PDF)


WebPager LabVIEW Library

Object Description

WebPager Wizard icon

WebPager Wizard (on-line PDF reference)
Provides graphical user interface for WebPager functionality from LabVIEW menu (Tools >> WebPager >> WebPager - Publishing Wizard...). With Wizard you can share LabVIEW front panels without writing any code or making any changes in the existing VI that you want to see in the browser. It also allows managing user account and subscription plans.

WebPager Express VI icon

WebPager - Express.vi
Generates web page out of the front panel of this VI, uploads it to the web server and starts synchronization of a front panel and a web page. This VI doesn't need any other WebPager API VIs. It provides basic functionality by adding this single VI for demonstration and basic usage purposes.

WebPager Basic API VIs icon

WebPager Basic API VIs
WebPager Basic API VIs include such VIs as 'Upload', 'Start', 'Pause' and 'Stop'. These VIs allow better control over front panel and web browser synchronization (comparing to Express API), including such features as custom web page names and URLs, custom HTML and CSS, etc. If you need the maximum control possible, consider using the extended API VIs.

WebPager Extended API VIs icon

WebPager Extended API VIs
WebPager Extended API VIs allow even fuller programmatic control over WebPager software. With these VIs one can send or broadcast values and arbitrary data, use custom JavaScript code etc.

WebPager Utility VIs icon

WebPager Utility VIs
WebPager Utility VIs include such VIs as 'Check Connection' and 'Ping Server'. These VIs allow performing maintanance and support tasks.

WebPager Account VIs icon

WebPager Account VIs
WebPager Account VIs allow performing actions with user account and licenses programmatically.


All WebPager VIs follow the same error handling approach: they pass incoming error further without executing any code.