HELPer - Creating Simple HTML documentation

This command will create simple VI documentation in HTML format similar to built-in LabVIEW 'Print VI' option.

Here is a video tutorial on how to create basic VI documentation in a few clicks: Video Tutorial on 'Simple VI documentation' option:

All you have to do to generate such type of document is to include descriptions to VI and to all controls and indicators that are used as connection terminals. After this you run this command and choose a filepath for HTML file. One major difference between simple HTML that HELPer generates and HTML that is generated by 'Print VI' is document styles. Unlike 'Print VI' which generates HTML similar to LabVIEW help, HELPer generates HTML documents corresponding exactly to LabVIEW help styles.

Tools >> HELPer (VI Documentation Toolkit)>> Create simple HTML Documentation for this VI...

Calling simple HTML documentation command

The result of using 'Create simple HTML Documentation for this VI...' when applied to used throughout HELPer help documents as example VI, can be seen here. You can also compare it to HTML generated for the same VI by 'Print VI' built-in LabVIEW tool. If you need more control over your documentation and you need better look and feel about it, you definitely shouldn't stop at this point. Check out 'Advanced HTML Documentation Wizard...' and other VI documentation tools.