HELPer - product readme

Product Readme is an HTML file that contains some product information that its developer should provide to this product's users. You can easily create this file simply filling out the form accessible from
Tools -> HELPer (VI Documentation Toolkit)-> Create product 'Read me' HTML file...:

Calling product readme form

After you choose this menu item HELPer will ask you a name and a path for HTML readme file that you are about to create. When you choose file name and path, HELPer will suggest you a form to fill out. It already contains either tips or examples of what should be placed and where. In fact, you see in this form the layout of the HTML readme file when it's generated, so that you can instantly visualize end result. In the end you should press the button "Generate Readme file", and that's it.

Calling driver readme form