HELPer - Using HELPer menu

HELPer menu is available from Advanced Documentation Wizard and is placed in the menu bar of the window.

HELPer run-time menu

Currently it consists of two menus: 'File' and 'Help'.

'File' menu

All 'File' menu options It is possible to save and to load previously used information for any VI under documentation.
  • File >> Open...

    Opens special HELPer file containing all necessary information to be filled in. This file is an XML-structured file with a full name of documented VI and "vihlp" extension. First HELPer looks for it in the same folder where documented VI is placed itself. If *.vihlp file wasn't found there, HELPer looks for it in the HELPer Storage directory situated in the same folder where the LabVIEW project file (*.lvproj) of this VI is. So, if there are two VIHLP files for the same VI, HELPer file placed into the VI folder will take precedence over HELPer file placed in the HELPer Storage folder in the project hierarchy.

    Attention! The name of the VI and of the HELPer files must be the same except for extension. Don't forget to change names of HELPer files if you rename documented VIs. For example, if the name of the documented VI is "", HELPer file will have a name "". Also please note that although it's possible to manually edit HELPer files, you're advised not to do it, because it might affect their functionality when you do it programmatically from LabVIEW HELPer.

  • File >> Save to VI's directory

    Saves HELPer file (*.vihlp file containing information needed to be stored in the XML format) in the same directory where the documented VI is placed itself.

  • File >> Save to Project directory

    Saves HELPer file in the HELPer Storage folder.

  • File >> Close

  • Exits from HELPer without saving any data.

'Help' menu

All 'File' menu options
  • Help >> LabVIEW Help...

    Opens LabVIEW help.

  • Help >> HELPer Help...

    Opens HELPer help contents in a default browser.

  • Help >> Help for this Wizard...

    Opens HELPer help about the Wizard in a default browser.

  • Help >> About HELPer...

  • Opens 'About' page of the HELPer help in a default browser.