VI HELPer creates VI documentation in the LabVIEW help system style

LabVIEW Help style documentation for any project - and even more!
Help Editor for LabVIEW Programs (HELPer) is a VI documentation tool that allows the developer to create or edit comprehensive and thorough VI documentation (like those in the 'Detailed VI Help') and some other types of VI help documents in quick, easy and very intuitive way. Unlike built-in 'Print VI...' LabVIEW option, HELPer gives you means to create HTML help files in 'LabVIEW Help' style, with more control over generated document layout and some other enhanced features described in subsequent sections of this document. HELPer generates ready-to-use documents, so that the end user (LabVIEW developer) doesn't have to invest any time into learning HTML. HELPer is a toolkit certified by National Instruments for documenting LabVIEW VIs.
The format of the generated help documents is HTML. On one hand, it's different from 'chm' used by LabVIEW on Windows. On the other hand, HTML means 'cross-platform' allowing to target any project and any system. We worked hard to make it as convenient as possible, so many things like resolving symbolic and relative paths are already taken care of by HELPer - you don't have to link all documents manually.

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I realized that I need such toolkit while working on project at CERN. I wasn't satisfied with the native LabVIEW "Print VI..." tool and had to edit HTML code myself, manually. So, I decided to create a tool that would automate VI documentation tasks not only for me and for people who are also comfortable with HTML-CSS-JavaScript, but for anyone else with LabVIEW background. First, thanks to Dr. Alessandro Masi from CERN, head of the 'Equipment Controls and Electronics' group at Engineering department, who made my work at CERN possible and stressed many times on how important it is to have right documentation for big projects, to a great extent fueling my desire to create such toolkit as LabVIEW HELPer. Special thanks also go to Dr. Christophe Salzmann from EPFL, researcher at the 'Automation Laboratory' at EPFL and LabVIEW Champion, who also contributed greatly to making my work at CERN a reality, and helped in many other ways including pushing my LabVIEW skills forward. I'd like to acknowledge my appreciation and respect for the following fellow engineers and scientists for being such helpful colleagues and also for popularizing and using LabVIEW in their projects and areas of expertise: Dr. Alexander Karpushov, Eric Chevallay, Sergio Batuca, Katarzyna Stachyra, Mathieu Donze, Mario Di Castro, Clement Samuel Derrez, Jaroslaw Andrzej Pawelczyk, Pierre Alain Gander, Mark Butcher, Ricardo Picatoste Ruilope, Eleftherios Fadakis, Martino Colciago, Giovanni Spiezia, and Dr. Valentin Fedoseev. I enjoyed working with them and with many other people, whom I didn't include in this list only because they have no relation to LabVIEW world.

- Igor Titov (Certified LabVIEW Architect)
December 2012

Latest News
01.09.2016 - HELPer is moved to VFP web site!
07.07.2015 - HELPer is used in the wild! It created LabVIEW-style documentation for a few toolkits and projects!
19.03.2013 - HELPer is given "Compatible with LabVIEW" label!
01.01.2013 - HELPer is the very first LabVIEW add-on in 2013!